The full eight-week Conscious Aging program.

In this course, we journey into an exploration of the role that consciousness plays in our maturing process.  We’ll investigate the beliefs, attitudes, hopes and fears that underlie our relationship with the future.  At the same time, we’ll draw on the work of thought leaders in the field who’ve identified the key areas of competency that we can develop to strengthen our resilience and enhance our capacity for deepening wisdom, life-long learning, happiness and satisfaction.

This is an opportunity to connect with others in a creative, supportive environment while we explore and redefine aging in more positive, compassionate and empowering ways.

This course is suitable for adults of all ages.

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“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” ~ André Gide

All of our lives unfold in stages. Between the end of one life chapter and the beginning of the next is a period of transition that William Bridges, author of Managing Transitions called the Neutral Zone. Here, our sense of momentum suddenly stalls. We feel stranded between an old way of life that is receding, and a nebulous future that is still out of reach. As the old aspects of who we’ve been fall away, it’s easy to feel unmoored, aimless and confused.

For many of us this is a most uncomfortable place, with few familiar landmarks, much uncertainty, rising fear and restlessness.

Most of us want to get through this phase as quickly as possible; move on to the next job, next relationship, the next plan. For this reason, we may try to rush through the discomfort and prematurely force a new beginning, only to see it sputter and stall. We may forget that we’ve been here before, many times.

The Neutral Zone is a time of gestation in which the alchemy of change goes about its business quietly and out of sight. What is asked of us here is not just patience, but a kind of active patience, becoming students of waiting, watching, allowing, receiving and listening.

This gentle and empathetic workshop offers an opportunity to gather with others at this crossroads. Here, we’ll explore ways in which we can help ourselves to end things well and best prepare for a new beginning. We’ll build resilience with practical strategies and creative ways to ease transition.   We’ll play with ‘fruitful emptiness’, the art of allowing the new beginning to find us.

Uncomfortable as it may sometimes feel, we need the neutral zone and we need to honour and give ample time and space for it within ourselves, and in others as well.   On this day we will offer a generous bow to deep time and fruitful emptiness and give ourselves to what the Sufis call sacred drift, trusting that the richness and patience we grant our cocoon phase will ensure a fully ripe emergence.


“It seems altogether probable that we would live with far greater care if we realised that in living out our day we are in fact writing out our history.”

~ Craig D. Lounsbrough

Something shifts inside you when you know that life is finite. Every brush with mortality sounds an alarm within, reminding you that when your body dies, traces of your life will linger on. We all create a legacy, consciously or not and each legacy has both positive and negative elements.

Becoming aware of the legacy that you’ve already created is a critical aspect of aging consciously. It’s a powerful tool for bringing into focus those aspects of your life that are calling for more nourishment and growth at the same time illuminating those areas in need of repair and regeneration.

Focussing on your legacy helps to clarify the positive, life-supporting qualities that will become the foundation of the next chapter in your life. It offers a broad perspective on the story of who you’ve been, with all your flaws and strengths and shines a light into the future, illuminating a path of encouragement and empowerment, to help bring out the best in you as you grow.

One of the short sighted attitudes that current society tends to adopt regarding the way aging is viewed is that legacy building is limited to what we’ve created in our ‘productive’ years. Once we’ve created a last will and testament, we can tick that box and forget about it.

Yet, this kind of compartmentalised thinking overlooks the rich opportunities we have in our later years for bringing our legacy into full fruition.

In this workshop, we’ll delve into this rich subject, looking both backwards and forwards: what is the legacy that you’ve inherited from your own ancestors? Have there been ways in which you’ve been able to restore and enhance their legacies, or to pass them on intact? What light have you carried forward from your ancestors that you wish to pass on to others?

We’ll engage in discussion and exercises to expand and deepen our understanding of the ways in which we can use this concept of legacy as a tool for integration, enhancing clarity of purpose and aligning our current goals within the context of the larger story of our lives.