Who Benefits

If any of the following ring true for you, then the Conscious Aging Program can help:

  • I equate aging with loss and diminishment and can see few positives to growing older. I often hide from and try to deny my own aging. I fear my best years are behind me and it’s all down hill from here.
  • While I’ve prepared for the financial reality of retirement, I’ve given little thought to my emotional and spiritual needs in the years to come.
  • I am a health care professional or a person who is caring for a loved one with a chronic condition and I want to gain greater insight into the core issues related to aging and end of life.
  • I want to have a strong sense of purpose after I retire and am concerned that the activities I have planned won’t be enough. I don’t know how to find that larger purpose.
  • I feel torn between a vision of elderhood in service to the community and my desire to be free of obligations to others.
  • I wish to have a second career that’s fulfilling but I don’t know what that is and if it’s even feasible.
  • I see some older people who are full of life and passion and others who are sad and bitter. I want to prepare myself to be happy and vital, regardless of the inevitable challenges to come.
  • I’ve been so busy taking care of my responsibilities that I’ve lost touch with my inner guidance or spirituality. I’d like to reconnect with my spiritual source and don’t know where to begin.
  • I’m interested in the role that consciousness plays in my personal development and psychological maturity and would like to gain a greater understanding of how it functions and how I can use it to develop more intentionally.
  • I feel stuck in a rut and don’t know how to break out of my habitual way of life. I feel the need for a new perspective and am looking for new opportunities for growth.

The Conscious Aging course supports people who are dealing with these issues, helping them to more fully understand, envision and embrace the opportunities and challenges in life with greater clarity, focus and satisfaction.