Praise from Workshop Participants

‘Mary Jane was lovely. Her calm, compassionate approach was soothing and empowering. The concepts she put forward resonated with my own approach to growing older so I enjoyed the meeting. It was also a pleasure to meet others who are willing and able to look at the real issues in a caring, realistic fashion.’

Una Mooney

‘Mary Jane brings a gentle, wise presence to this important work, embodying the maturity that is seeking expression in the participants.’

Dominic Cogan

Praise for IONS’ Conscious Aging Program

“An inspiring vision for aging that recognizes the vast potential for life’s elder chapters to be infused with purpose, passion, and continual growth! It is critical that the rapidly increasing number of people approaching their senior years have access to this rich program—helping us shine brightly as we age consciously.”

Ron Pevny, Director of the Center for Conscious Eldering


“This program gently leads participants toward compassionate self-understanding. Though written for people past midlife, it is a guide for all mature people who seek connectedness and inner peace, for it identifies those qualities in oneself that bring about fulfillment.”

Nan Merrick Phifer, author of Memoirs of the Soul: A Writing Guide


“This remarkable program takes readers through a series of explorations, reflections, and exercises, turning the challenges of aging into opportunities for growth. This can be the most meaningful and fruitful time of all, but it doesn’t happen automatically. It takes mindful effort; this workbook will show you the way.”

Tom Pinkson, PhD, author of Fruitful Aging: Finding the Gold in the Golden Years

“The Conscious Aging Pilot inspired me to reach out to the senior community to a much greater extent.  I teach adults of all ages and we have not had a large number of people in the senior age group.  It was clear to me that people of all ages want to understand how to age consciously and graciously.  This group included people ranging in age from 33 to 89.  They were all very interested in the topic, not just the ones who are young seniors.”

“This was a wonderfully opening, enlightening, and empowering experience for all of the participants and for me.  Thank you for this opportunity!”

“The “Life Review” session was a powerful tool for helping elders see with hindsight that many of their life experiences that they perceived as painful, difficult, or disastrous provided them with major opportunities to shift their perceptions.  Without these challenges, they could have never realised that each “painful” lesson gave them another chance to learn the lessons that they needed to learn the most.”

“The participants were really glad to hear the subject matter and to have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences.  There was a much greater response from people (in terms of being interested in this program) than I expected: we didn’t have enough room to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend, so I am looking for a larger venue for next time.”

“I witnessed the presence of Spirit with both the small and large group connections.  The richness, honesty, humility and insights from these conversations were incredible.  It makes me ponder/wonder on the healing power of connection as we age.  Elderly folks that tend to self-isolate are healed by the power of community.  Community is the key for good mental, physical and spiritual health.”

“This course helped me to notice limiting beliefs and decisions I had made long ago and helped me to “course correct” in my life.  Thank you.”

– From the Institute of Noetic Sciences Conscious Aging Education Program